In Your Absence

How is it that I feel your breath
dancing in my own chest?
No touch or taste now,
Just pastel shadows of past ecstasy,
or is it yet to come?
Washes of color
dance through my soul
playing a teasing game of hide and seek.
I float upon their waves,
Rising fast,
My view expansive and far,
Taking in breaths of my own,
and exhaling the scent of some unknown,
only to, once again,
find myself adrift on still waters.
Time is inconsequential here,
in the deepest heart,
Memories linger,
mingling with premonition
and dreams,
Their dance,
at once languid and pulsing,
fills my heart’s cavities
with a delicious and trembling echo…

About The Sterling LIne

Where does art end and life begin? I don't really see a distinction, but I try to consciously live each moment with enthusiasm, following inspiration where it leads, being open to possibilities and exploring the boundaries of myself, the world I live in and those I meet. Though I attempt to tread softly and respectfully, I often get clumsy, carried away with enthusiasm ... Woman, artist, force of nature and mother... Lives in the SF Bay Area.
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