We Touched

It shone through our every cell
like tropical sunlight
through a house of glass.
I know you felt it too.
Shimmering warm and casting rainbows
on the walls and floors.
My heart laughed in a tone
I had never heard before
and my body appeared to float
somehow freed from gravity’s grasp
which up until then
had never seemed oppressive.
I wore angels’ wings
and looked deep within myself to find the shadows
but found that I could see through
to the very depths of me
into infinity.
How can you desire something you didn’t even know existed?
In a moment the world around me changed
and once lit from within
glowed with a new and easy truth.

But after day comes the night,
and like a sailor bound for unknown lands
I watched your shores,
my new and refound homeland,
recede into a distant horizon
and the world grew darker.
And, like a young mariner on a first voyage,
I wondered at the length of the journey.
My heart pulls as I question
that I may never see the shores of home again.
In darkness and damp
I lift aside my sea sprayed garb
and look deep within.
And there, nestled safely under my heavy heart,
and behind the dead shadows,
I keep the light we shared,
The glorious beacon to light the way.

About The Sterling LIne

Where does art end and life begin? I don't really see a distinction, but I try to consciously live each moment with enthusiasm, following inspiration where it leads, being open to possibilities and exploring the boundaries of myself, the world I live in and those I meet. Though I attempt to tread softly and respectfully, I often get clumsy, carried away with enthusiasm ... Woman, artist, force of nature and mother... Lives in the SF Bay Area.
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