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Like silks saturated in gasoline, My heart burns slow, dank yet ready to burst. The poisonous glances of contempt thrown my way, the low flying words, rewriting a past which to me seemed sun filled and light, Woven into passages dripping … Continue reading

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We Touched

It shone through our every cell like tropical sunlight through a house of glass. I know you felt it too. Shimmering warm and casting rainbows on the walls and floors. My heart laughed in a tone I had never heard … Continue reading

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In Your Absence

How is it that I feel your breath dancing in my own chest? No touch or taste now, Just pastel shadows of past ecstasy, or is it yet to come? Washes of color dance through my soul playing a teasing … Continue reading

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Looking into Water

I love to observe everything and turn it over and over to look at it from different angles, playing with it, taking sides and then reversing my argument back on itself to see if that will shed even more light … Continue reading

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Enveloping my soul into your chest, Your shoulder the perfect cradle for my tired head, Filled with too many thoughts and held high for so long, Now allowed to turn off it’s litany at last And listen to the soft … Continue reading

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One more bottle of beer

He was taking the meat in his white, freckled hands, forming it expertly into tight round patties. It takes both strength and dexterity to move with the grace that he did and I watched the muscles in his forearms shift … Continue reading

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