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Descending Evolution

Like water, forever feeling the pull downhill, toward the center of the Earth, the constant longing to settle in cracks and gullies, to fill the valleys and riverbeds of an ever-changing landscape, we bubble like fast running brooks, choosing laughter … Continue reading

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Breath… The pleasure of your burning air Hot words unspoken against my skin Cheeks flush with hostage sighs and the soft hardness of something beyond lust but before the deeper shades of love. Intense and light, this conversation of hands … Continue reading

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Sound of Stillness

I have opened my eyes in a new home Everything changed looks the same here, The usual things and familiar faces But there is a melodious quiet It’s sound is echoed in the raindrops And the hum of air playing … Continue reading

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A Deeper Shine

The hardest thing to clean out of my life and psyche are the old dreams and hopes that lie in the corners. They have been there for so long and are filled with the static of long-lost promise that they … Continue reading

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Wooing words that slip like freshly peeled kiwis from smiling lips, Soft, sweet and with the promise of a sustenance that my wandering soul craves. Juicy language, dripping with innuendo. How can I resist such tender fruit when this empty … Continue reading

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Holding Ballast

Like swimming through dense fog, Moisture seeping into my thoughts, Dampening them, weighing them down, So laden, they drag deeper, Moving slowly like leaden fish, My heart aches like the lungs of a diver as I gasp into the clouded … Continue reading

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